The largest security exploits are usually due to a weak or insecure password. Here are some tips to protect yourself.

Passwords are the keys that regulate our security in the digital world. We need to keep them safe and secure and update them regularly to avoid becoming an unsuspecting prey. Here are some tips to have top-notch password security.

How regularly should I update my passwords?

For important things like your computer, email and online banking you should try to update these every 2 weeks.

For non-essential platform, you should be safe with changing your password once a month.

How should my password be structured? 

The following tips will ensure a secure password:

  • Combine partial unrelated words
  • Combine words with numbers
  • Replace letters with symbols and numbers
  • Mix languages
  • Mix capital and lowercase letter
  • Add random numbers in between letters
  • Use meaningless words
  • Don’t use personal names and word that you associate with
  • Use at least 15 characters for your password

Update your wifi password

There is a method to brute force your wifi password, change this regularly using the tips above.

Don’t write it down

If you write down your passwords, it is quite easy to find these and access your secure information, refrain from doing this. If you have to use a secure password manager with a very secure and regularly updated master password.

As part of our IT outsourcing solution, we offer password enforcement and auditing as part of our security focus.