Taking good care of your laptop is an essential part of ensuring that it keeps on working for as long as possible, here are some great tips to take care of your digital companion.

Here are our top tips to take care of your laptop

Keep liquids far away

We all love a cup of coffee while doing our work, but your laptop is not particularly fond of coffee, rather keep the two as far away as possible from each other

Have a rock-solid anti-virus

There are so many anti-virus packages, research one that fits your needs and laptop usage and starts using it. Remember to do regular scans and ensure the detection database is up to date.

Don’t eat while using your laptop

Your laptop only needs electricity to operate, it is not a fancy placemat.

Keep your laptop away from your pets

Our pets shed hair, these can clog the airflow of your laptop and get stuck in the fans, reducing the cooling efficiency.

Keep the computer out of dusty environments

Dust greatly reduces the cooling performance of your laptop, rather not use it in dusty environments.

Wash your hands

Washing your hand before using your laptop will make your trackpad more responsive and avoid it from getting gunked up.

The LCD is fragile

Avoid closing the lid when there are small things on your keyboard, additionally, don’t bend or bump your display, it is the weakest part in your laptop. Also, don’t try to lift or carry the laptop by its display.

Take care of your cables & accessories

Don’t run over your cables with your chair and don’t pull on the cables. Ensure that accessories are used on the right slots and handle removable storage with care ensuring to safely remove it from the operating system.

Your laptop is temperature sensitive

Your laptop has a range of operating temperatures defined by the manufacturer. Only use it within these margins. Don’t leave in a car, a car get’s too warm and can damage your laptop’s battery.

Clean your laptop

Once a year you can clean your laptop using compressed air.

Get a laptop bag

Get the correct size laptop bag to ensure it is protected when transporting the laptop.

Ventilation is important

Use your laptop on a flat, clean surface to ensure optimal airflow. Also, don’t use it on a bed, it doesn’t have the necessary ventilation.

Maintain your software

Remove any unnecessary software if they are not being used. Ensure that when you install new software to avoid ad-ware and that it is from a safe source.

Upgrade your laptop

Upgrading your laptop with an SSD and more RAM will increase performance significantly.

We offer a complete laptop maintenance service as part of our IT outsourcing solution, feel free to contact us to learn how we can help.