As per President Ramaphosa’s address to our nation on 23 April 2020, all businesses that can work from home are encouraged to do so during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Systematix is still assisting all clients remotely during lockdown. Systematix have adopted this strategy and our team is available during our usual office hours to assist with all your IT needs.

As per President’s Ramaphosa’s speech on 23 April 2020, all businesses that are permitted to resume operations in a phased manner but businesses that are able to let their staff work-from-home are encouraged to do so:

“All businesses that are permitted to resume operations will be required to do so in a phased manner, first preparing the workplace for a return to operations, followed by the return of the workforce in batches of no more than one-third.  In some cases, a sector will not be able to return to full production during Level 4 while the risk of infection remains high.  These will be spelt out next week following a final round of consultations. Businesses will be encouraged to adopt a work-from-home strategy where possible.  All staff who can work remotely must be allowed to do so. The relevant Ministers will provide details on the process for the phased re-opening of schools and other educational institutions. As we gradually ease the restrictions, it is necessary that many of the measures to contain the spread of the virus remain in place.”

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Working from home becoming the new norm.

A recent article by BusinessTech reveals the facts about businesses and working from home:

“The survey by Willis Towers Watson also looked at trends around working from home.  It showed that even prior to lockdown, flexible working was a feature of many businesses, as half (52%) of companies said they already had a policy that allows some people to work from home. The need to stay away from the office wherever possible has driven the uptake of working at home, but not everyone is able to do so, the data shows. A third (33%) of businesses said 75% or more of their staff were able to work from home. To help their staff cope with lockdown, majority (79%) of firms said they would be willing to cover the direct costs of homeworking, such as a laptop and broadband. “Working from home was already growing in popularity, but Covid-19 has forced it to become the new norm,” Trollip said. “That behaviour will not be unpicked once the lockdown ends and businesses will expand their options around working from home.”

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Systematix is here to help with all your IT requirements.

Even though the Systematix team is all working from home, our ability to assist our clients during our normal working hours is not affected. Email for an immediate response.